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GRASSER PRODUCTION consists of a young interviewer,writer team and camera operator. Our main goal is to contribute to the music scene through different aspects. We committed ourselves to producing interviews, play through videos, drum cams and tour documentaries in the rock and heavy genre, thereby covering all types of small underground concerts to big headliner shows.

Based in Nuremberg our catchment area also includes Munich, Stuttgart as well as Leipzig. During the last couple of years, we got the chance of interviewing well-known bands such as GOJIRA, CHILDREN OF BODOM, IN FLAMES, AFTER THE BURIAL, PAPA ROACH, ESKIMO CALLBOY, J.B.O., WOVENWAR etc. Besides our interviews in English and German we also worked together with single artists such as Hannes Großmann (session drummer). All our footage (from interview to play through videos) can be watched on our website, the GRASSER PRODUCTION YouTube channel, our facebook page as well as on the homepages of MEINL, TAMA and SICKDRUMMERMAGAZINE.

For individual requests don’t hesitate to ask. Due to our professional equipment, we love producing quality for many sectors in music industry such as special demands, for promotion reasons, tour presentations or lotteries.
With interest, we kindly ask you to send us a request.



Grasser Alexander

Alexander, a young filmmaker and editor from Nuremberg, Germany, had been interested in photography and film since his early years. In 2013, he turned passion into profession: “Grasser Production” was born and since then produces projects like drum cams, studio playthroughs and interviews. Grasser Production works together with local and international bands like Amon Amarth, Gojira, In Flames, Children of Bodom, After The Burial, J.B.O., Alkaloid, Defy The Laws Of Tradition and Wovenwar. Solo projects and artists like Hannes Grossmann (session drummer) were also accompanied by Grasser Production. All those works can be found on the homepages of Meinl, TAMA and sickdrummermagazine.


Wolf Kristina

Kristina loves Metal - besides doing interviews for Grasser Production she also reviews live shows and music in general for the German online fanzine Allschools, works as a freelancer in the music business, studied art and media science and speaks Swedish. Moreover, Kristina also does vocals for the German crossover metal band Kafkaesque. Based in Nuremberg she’s furthermore organizer of the underground metal series Scheppercore to support the local music scene.

Kästner Annie

Ann „Angelface“ Thrax loves Food, Music and especially herself. She´s a Girlboss who works mostly 24/7 in her own Business.You can find her at Concerts or in front of a Camera, as a Model or a Muse, in her rare free time. The Work for Grasser Production is another Challenge and also a Chance to show the world her Charme, Humor and a little bit of her insane being.

Ungvari Andrea

"Andrea was born in Nuremberg, but besides German (and Franconian ;-)) she speaks another mother tongue: Hungarian. So better be nice to her, because: The Hungarian language contains quite a few swear words - some of them not even translatable into any other language. Andrea experiences music preferably live - preferably on festivals. So far she's been to about 15 of them. Among her favourite genres are Post-Hardcore and Nu-Metal. If Andrea doesn't happen to be in between beer pong and folding chairs, she studies journalism, volunteers for the youth radio magazine "egoFM - Junge Talente" and works as a freelancer at the publishing house "Nürnberger Presse". As the new one, she now is an active member of Grasser Production, too. There's another passion, Andrea is now expanding: She's puzzling on her freelance work as a photographer."

Barth-Jurca Oli

She’s got a big mouth and a passion for music – two gifts journalist Oli made use of in several projects. As a member of Nuremberg’s event collective “Burnout Events” and only a 16 years old, she already organized numerous punk, metal and hardcore concerts on top of being an active musician herself. As editor-in-chief, Oli published the local music magazine “Local Calling” for more than three years, moderated festivals like Nuremberg’s “Klüpfel Open Air” as well as format “Rocksofa” at Luise – The Cultfactory. Armed with nothing but a camera, she’s a regular at numerous concerts and festivals, cranking out pictures and live reports. And her campsite reports from “Rock im Park”? Almost as legendary as her fight as an Undead at Nuremberg’s “Trash Wrestling” event. 

Treffer Lucas

Lucas “Lulu” Treffer studies English Teaching in Regensburg. As the frontman and former drummer of his band “Knockout Concept” he has been a part of the German Metal underground for quite some years now. To him working for Grasser Production offers the chance to meet his idols and have a peak behind the curtains of the music industry. His all-time favourite genre remains Metalcore, but he loves all sub-genres of the mighty behemoth that is Metal music. Biggest guilty pleasure is his love for German Hip Hop and Gin Tonic.

Jahrsdörfer Isabel

Isabel -Izzy Yay- is the Orange of the team. :)
If she doesn't interview somebody for Grasser Production or visit concerts and festivals, Izzy works as an architect. Furthermore she has a master degree in media management, so she also feels very comfortable in the division of public relations.
She stands in front of cameras as an alternative model, loves to travel, is an art-enthusiast and a passionated ballerina (non professional :D) 
Izzy, who lives in Nuremberg, especially has a heart for Metalcore and all the other relative, particularly melodic subgenres, as well as Dark Wave and everything, that touches and conveys emotions.

Johannes Jörg

Johannes "Hanni" Jörg is an exiled Swabian (if in doubt dialect-free) and currently lives in Munich. When he's not touring Europe with his band Tenside, selling the Emil Bulls' Merch or dealing with upcoming sales issues at FLSK HQ, you can find him almost continuously at shows or in the record stores of the Republic. According to the motto standstill is fatal! At Grasser, Hanni tries to convert his knowledge of music business and everyday touring into interesting questions for both musicians and fans alike.

Due to being a musician, there is a lot of musical variety on his turntable at home. There is are considerable punk / alternative / rap / oldie and songwriter vinyl stacks between metal and hardcore records.