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Hannes Grossmann | Alkaloid - In Turmoil's Swirling Reaches (drum playthrough)

For quite some time Hannes Grossmann has been considered a very special drummer, who combines playing technique and sound in a way where musical character always comes first.

Hannes is member of the band ALKALOID, who put out their second album "Liquid Anatomy" in May 2018.

We were lucky enough to...

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Hannes Grossmann - Alter Magnitudes | drum playthrough

Hannes Grossmann (Alkaloid, Blotted Science, Ex-Obscura, Ex-Necrophagist) Alter Magnitudes (Alkaloid) drum playthrough.

Hannes comments: "This is an instrumental version of our song "Alter Magnitudes". I just took the vocals out for the video to make the drums more clear -  which makes sense in a...

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