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Rock in Peace • Mike Fiedler 1970-2019 †

   AftermovieHämatomJ.B.O.JusticeTeeth Of Lamb

An evening dedicated to a long-standing colleague and close friend!

According to this motto Hämatom, J.B.O., Justice and Teeth Of Lamb organized a spontaneous charity concert on April 5th to say goodbye to Mike Fiedler, a longtime companion, fellow musician and above all true friend. Only recently, Mike passed away at the age of 48 suffering from a severe cancer. He supported and accompanied the bands for many years. Mike leaves behind his wife and two children who are now left to fend for themselves. This is precisely why the concert on April 5th served to support Mike’s family financially to ease the following weeks and months. 

We also wanted to contribute with this Aftermovie to keep that evening in mind as a part of music history for everyone.


Filmed & Edited:
Grasser Alexander

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