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Jinjer | 2017

   InterviewJinjerTatiana ShmaylyukEugene Kostyuk

We met Tatiana and Eugene from the Ukrainian Metal band JINJER at Cult Nürnberg.

On May 19th we had a nice chat outside the venue. Besides their current tour „Against The Stream” we talked about life on the road (yep, the van does work right now), difficulties when being a full-time musician and songwriting in general. Jinjer doesn’t want to be called a „female fronted Metal band”, this term seems to be very difficult for the band. Despite musical skills Tatiana doesn’t want to be cut down to her appearance. Most important for them is to work hard on their instruments and play great shows. This outlines also an important advice for young bands: Work hard to improve your skills, be a Rockstar later. In 2017 JINJER will continue touring – besides that they already created ideas for the next album.

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