Wolf Kristina

Kristina loves Metal - besides doing interviews for Grasser Production she also works as a freelancer for Munich based radio promotion agency BEASTIE BUTTERFLY. Also she stands up for the Metal music scene in and around Nuremberg: Her underground concert series Scheppercore really made a name for itself since 2017. Former projects: writer for ALLSCHOOLS MAGAZINE and vocals in Kafkaesque.

Treffer Lucas

Lucas “Lulu” Treffer studies English Teaching in Regensburg. As the frontman and former drummer of his band „Knockout Concept” he has been a part of the German Metal underground for quite some years now. To him working for Grasser Production offers the chance to meet his idols and have a peak behind the curtains of the music industry. His all-time favourite genre remains Metalcore, but he loves all sub-genres of the mighty behemoth that is Metal music. Biggest guilty pleasure is his love for German Hip Hop and Gin Tonic.

Johannes Jörg

Johannes "Hanni" Jörg is an exiled Swabian (if in doubt dialect-free) and currently lives in Munich. When he's not touring Europe with his band „Tenside“, selling the Emil Bulls' Merch or dealing with upcoming sales issues at FLSK HQ, you can find him almost continuously at shows or in the record stores of the Republic. According to the motto standstill is fatal! At Grasser, Hanni tries to convert his knowledge of music business and everyday touring into interesting questions for both musicians and fans alike.

Due to being a musician, there is a lot of musical variety on his turntable at home. There is are considerable punk / alternative / rap / oldie and songwriter vinyl stacks between metal and hardcore records.