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Professional digitizing Normal8/Super8 narrow films!

We not only digitize your old media, but also reliably secure them for the future. But why choose Grasser Production?

We offer a large number of available formats that we can save and conserve for you. In addition, digitization does not automatically mean digitization: Grasser Production offers you the highest quality digitization of your data carriers. We work with professional high-tech recorders and film projectors and can compensate for and remove poorly processed or recorded data with image and sound errors from your cassettes. For cine films, we convince with our high-resolution 4K cameras and scan the cine image directly from the film projector in full quality. Your order will be processed and implemented in just 2-10 days. Feel free to ask about our express service if you want it to be done faster.

The longer cassettes and film reels are stored, the poorer the quality of both formats become over the years. Moisture can cause mold to develop on the film tapes, the tape can fade over time or no longer display a signal at all. Therefore, you should digitize old memories promptly and, above all, make yourself happy.

In our two categories “video cassettes” and “Normal8/Super8 narrow films” you will find a detailed description of the process of digitizing your media. We are happy to advise you personally and free of charge on all your questions and make you an individual offer.