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Liedfett - "Reset" live @ Wallesau ist Blau 2023 (Live Video)

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"Liedfett" - Hamburger Band with a Diverse Sound

Founded in 2007, the Hamburg-based band "Liedfett," with guitarist Lucas Uecker, singer Daniel Michel, and drummer Philipp Pöhner, offers a captivating musical spectrum. Their style seamlessly blends punk rock guitars with atmospheric beats from the shadows of industrial areas, songwriter poetics, hip-hop skills, pop melodies, and influences from the Hamburger Schule.

Friday evening as the headliner, they took the stage at the "Wallesau ist Blau Openair," creating a sensational atmosphere. The highlight of the night was the unveiling of their brand-new song, "Reset," for which we filmed an impressive live video on-site. Amid the celebrations for Wallesau's 20th anniversary, "Liedfett" delivered an unforgettable musical experience. This evening showcased the band's versatility, leaving a lasting impression.

For the very first time, "Liedfett" graced the stage at the Wallesau ist Blau Open Air, presenting their recently released song, "Reset," which hit the airwaves on August 25, 2023.


Filmed & Edited:
Grasser Alexander

Audio Recording & FOH / Live Sound:
HD-Event GmbH
Paul Richter

Audio Mixing:
Maximilian Bögelein

Roman Ströer
Anton Zwicker

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