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Wallesau ist Blau 2023 • Aftermovie

   AftermovieWallesau ist BlauFestival

The official Aftermovie for Wallesau ist Blau Open Air 2023

Twenty years ago, the journey of "Wallesau ist Blau" began, and the memories of this anniversary still shine in radiant attire. With pride, we recall that we had the honor for the fourth time to film the Aftermovie for this special event. Tireless dedication and passion lie behind the organizers, and as part of the crew, we feel happy and privileged.

Once again, the music on stage delivered an exhilarating mix of rock, metal, ska, and punk, uniting people from the Landkreis Roth, the Nürnberg region, and beyond. As an official media partner, we had the pleasure of capturing and sharing these extraordinary sounds once more.

The history of Wallesau is inseparably linked to the musical diversity of the region, and we take pride in contributing to it. The past may have passed, but the passion and memories continue to thrive in Wallesau. The organizers may have many exciting plans—or maybe not. However, you will find out what the future holds in our Aftermovie. Stay tuned!


Mit dabei waren: - Liedfett - Infected Rain - From Fall To Spring - Torrential Rain - Relativ Rapid - Swallows Rose - Aus jedem Dorf ein Hund - Consvmer. - House of Anxiety - Sleepless - Herrengedeck Royal - Hazel The Nut - Dotundertwo - Sendeschluss

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